Restructuring and Turnaround

Generally speaking, we are able to pull imbalanced businesses out of a crisis within half a year. To accomplish this goal, we introduce an experienced interim management; solve short-term financial questions, and begin restructuring in all areas important to the success of the company.

  • Improving sales activities is a often a key component
  • In parallel to the above, we put purchasing under the microscope. This often produces startling results
  • At the same time, we also concern ourselves with optimising the production process and development
  • We will also pursue the question of resource management and examine possibilities to outsource operations and reduce waste

Experience tells us that in addition to structural measures, it is often necessary to undertake many individual measures during the process of value analysis. Due to our over 15 years of operative experience, we possess the know-how to not only recognise but successfully rectify these many small imperatives.

In this way, we are able to systematically correct the causes of the crisis and to put the business back on a solid path. During this process, we shall constantly keep an eye on the available equity, the basic financial limits, and also the legal framework. A detailed income statement and controlling strategy, as well as a plan for liquidity, make it possible to continuously evaluate and make informed assessments about the economic feasibility of the enterprise.

Our team possesses many years of operative experience in multiple branches. This includes, for example, the branches of automotive, plant construction, chemical, synthetics, electrical, train, metals, textile and many more.