Our Partners

Under the guidance of founder and CEO Markus Hüter, Restart unites selected partners and specialists, all of whom count amongst the best in their fields. This concept allows us to offer both a comprehensive portfolio of services and the assurance that the best experts from each field are working as advisors.

Our partners include, but are not limited to, renowned specialists from the auditing and tax advisor community, a certified legal specialist for insolvency, a partner specialising in restructuring and recapitalisation, as well as specialists in banking matters.

Together, we will create a tailor-made concept with your needs in mind, one that welds together the right minds and capacities from each area of expertise into one team. In this way, we can ensure that a well-established team under the clear guidance of Restart meets your entrepreneurial demands. Because, after all, in most instances it's all about existential questions for our customers. To be successful, they need to take the right approach from the very outset.

The head of our network is Markus Hüter offering over 15 years of proven success in recapitalisation, efficiency improvement, and financial projects for small-to-medium-sized business. He has completed three courses of study including business administration, engineering management, and mechanical engineering. Additionally, he has completed a cross-functional career from trainee to plant manager and all the way to CEO for one of the worldwide-leading automobile suppliers with 1500 employees and an over 400 million euro sales volume. Markus Hüter is analytically skilled and markedly creative in generating solutions and their completion. He is results-oriented and acts with conviction and purpose. He is noted for his ability to recognise and act upon new market possibilities. He further adds a wide-reaching network of business advisors and M&A houses that he can put at the disposal of Restart customers.