Insolvency Management

The time has long since passed when the word insolvency stood primarily for 'liquidation.' A new law governing the easing of the recapitalisation process for businesses (ESUG) includes extensive changes to the insolvency system. Today, the primary goal of recapitalisation is to preserve the enterprise. Legislative authorities are therefore offering extensive possibilities for self-administration. Ideally, this is done to allow the businesses, in consultation with creditors, to make the best use of the knowledge and experience of the previous business management team, all while taking advantage of an interim management team as well.

This is exactly where the expertise of Restart comes in. We take all the necessary steps to pull the business out of crisis and put them back on the right track. Current legislation makes self administration predictable for insolvency debtors willing to recapitalise as long as they do so in partnership and with the backing of the most important creditors. We will guide you on this path, from the first step all the way through to a turnaround.

We will simultaneously concentrate on six general areas to get the business afloat once again:

  1. Stabilisation, or rather improvement, of the commercial side
  2. Improvement or rebuilding of distribution
  3. Optimisation of production processes
  4. Improvement of purchasing
  5. Optimisation of development

We ensure success as quickly as possible with the help of an experienced interim business management. Simultaneously, we shall initiate all discussions with the banks in order to establish a stable basis for the transition phase. With these measures in place, we are able to not only manage a short-term turnaround but also to lay the foundation for long-term competitiveness.

As part of this process, we will of course examine the employee side of the matter. But this in no way means blindly initiating redundancy measures to save costs. On the contrary, such measures are aimed at keeping as many jobs as possible. After all, in nearly every case, it is the employees that will play a central role in the success of the company in the future.

The protection of the enterprise and its jobs is the hallmark of our involvement.