Yesterday successful and today in crisis mode. The ever-increasing pressure of competition, due in no small part to globalisation, can turn a 'for all intents and purposes' successful business into one in crisis. All this can happen within a short period of time leaving little choice but to restructure.

On the one hand, it's about eliminating short-term bottlenecks of liquidity. On the other hand, it is essential to put in place a sustainable restructuring concept for the middle-to-long-term financial stability of the company. The experts at Restart will take care of both aspects. Essential factors include:

  • A restructuring of the liabilities side
  • The accumulation of funding to strengthen equity, from a mezzanine solution on through to order financing.

The goal is to shore up interest payments while building stable equity and a basis for cash flow at the same time. In such instances, Restart will construct the appropriate financial concept for the exact situation and will take over all necessary discussions. Each bank appointment will be attended to by experienced bankers and institutes. This includes the preparation of appointments and extends all the way to participation in negotiations.

This package of measures incorporates aspects such as the accumulation of equity and mezzanine capital, debt restructuring, realignment of credit limits, new repayment or interest rate agreements, fresh shareholders, acquisition of silent partners or the reduction of working capital. An accompanying assessment of possible state subsidies will also be considered to improve liquidity and equity.